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Squid is a fantastic source of protein and is an excellent source for dogs that need a protein-rich diet. They are commonly fed to dogs with raw diets due to the dense macro-nutrients in them. 

Squid also contains;

Copper: which stimulates the process of making red blood cells (RBCs) as it helps in the storage and production of iron which forms red blood cells.Zinc

Zinc: which is important for your dog's body. Squids have an abundant amount of zinc in which helps fight the microorganisms that may damage the dog’s body from within.Zinc also strengthens the immune system and safeguards your dog from illnesses.

It is also low in fat and cholesterol, Squid is ideal for dogs as it is a very good source of protein. This will help you keep the unnecessary fat off and provide with good nutrition.


Due to the low water content, the tough and chewy products make it a particularly good product to remove plaque and tartar for your pets’ teeth, which also makes it a great for dental hygiene.  


100% REAL Premium Squid

Home-made locally in the Illawarra with 100% Premium Squid


**Single Ingredient Product with nothing added**



Store in a cool dry place.

These products will last in sealed packaging for up to 6 months.

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